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Radio Show Hosting

All shows come with the following services. Extended times and optional services are also provided for additional cost.
  • One hour of On-Air time per week, occurring at the same time/date weekly.
  • All equipment needed for basic broadcasting is supplied.
  • Assistance with an On-Site radio technician, who will oversee the broadcast and make sure all equipment is functioning properly.
  • All broadcast will be played on the boom boom radio station, including the website, apps, and affiliate platforms.
Additional Services
-Graphic design/marketing (We will work to create anything from logo's, to premium marketing content, helping brand and establish your show even further!
-Mp3 Recording/Downloads (Recieve a copy of your show weekly, to be used as you wish, the same night of your show!)
-Extended show times (extend the time of your show beyond the 1 hour standard! prices and options vary, please contact us for details)
-Live video streaming Livestreaming options will be available with limited times. Soon we will offer more options for this feature!
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